Monday, October 1, 2012

Pacifico Pizza

I am afraid that I have fallen slightly behind on blogging thanks to a new job, but hopefully I will get in the swing of things and continue with regular posts.

Recently my mom came to Vancouver to visit the Farmers Market and spend the night with me. When it came time for dinner we had several problems in deciding where to go. Our first choice was closed for a private event, our second choice had a thirty-minute wait, and our third and fourth choices had both closed down recently. Luckily we smelled a delicious aroma wafting from Pacifico Pizzeria Ristorante on Smithe St. and followed our noses to a fantastic meal. The service at Pacifico was fantastic. When we told our waitress that we would like to split an appetizer, entrée, and pizza, she arranged it into a three-course meal experience.

We started out with mussels in a garlicky tomato sauce served with delicious focaccia. It is rare to find mussels in a red sauce instead of a classic herbs and white wine sauce, but this was perfection. The mussels were tender and the sauce was perfect for dipping. While I loved the flavor of the focaccia, I wish there had been more available to sop up the delicious broth.

Our second course was gnocchi tartufo, which I have to say, is the best gnocchi dish I have ever had. Usually I prefer to make gnocchi at home since it is so simple, but the Pacifico has complete mastery over this particular dish. Walnuts, mushrooms, and truffle oil come together to make a mouthwatering flavor! Our third and final course was the prosciutto and arugula pizza. First of all, this pizza had the best thin-crust that I have enjoyed in Vancouver. The toppings were fresh and the arugula was put on after baking to keep it crisp. There was plenty of pizza for leftovers the next day.

In the end my experience was excellent thanks to both the quality of the food and service. The prices were reasonable and after our three-course meal and three cocktails, the bill came up to around $70. In fact I enjoyed it all so much that I returned with a friend for a celebratory dinner just one week later. On my second trip I sampled the smoked salmon tagliatelle, which was delectable, but not on par with the gnocchi. I recommend Pacifico Pizzeria Ristorante to anyone who wants to enjoy quality Italian food and pizza at a decent price.

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