Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Love Letter to Cho Pain

One of my favorite places in Vancouver is the Boulangerie Cho Pain. It is a small bakery on Davie St. where the service is friendly, the coffee is delicious, and the pastries are fresh. I first visited Cho Pain the week I moved to Vancouver. Visiting this bakery was the first time I felt at home in this new city. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the choices, I simply bought a loaf of sourdough to take home. One loaf of bread and I was hooked. 

I have to admit that I do not really like coffee, but the lattes at Cho Pain are the perfect mix of foam and milk and the espresso is strong without tasting bitter or burnt. The croissants are tender and flaky and my personal favorites have warm chocolate running through the middle. They have lemon tarts, sachertorte, muffins, and more. Today there were over forty different kinds of freshly baked bread on display with everything from baguettes to sunflower seed loaves. If you are having a savory lunch craving, they also serve sandwiches and quiche.

Lately I have had a difficult time relaxing. I always feel like there is something else I need to do, somewhere else I need to be. Even watching a movie while I fold my laundry has felt like a guilty indulgence. This morning I bought my latte and chocolate croissant and was able to sit for over an hour reading a book without anyone bothering me or demanding my time. It was almost as therapeutic as a massage. Eventually I gave up my table and bought a loaf of sourdough to take the relaxation back home with me.
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  1. Sweet. Let's go there together again. SOOOON!!