Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sala Thai Bliss

Photo taken in Bangkok 2009

When I moved to Vancouver, I went on a search for the best Thai food. I have had a special attachment to Thailand since I was a child. It was always the magical place where dragons were real and giant golden Buddha guarded me at night. Luckily, I discovered that my favorite Vancouver Thai restaurant was a mere two blocks from my apartment. Sala Thai not only has excellent Thai standards such as Pad Thai, Emerald Curry, and Thai Iced Tea, but also has some more difficult to find menu items such as Mee Krob and Drunken Noodles. The Tom Kha Gai soup is perfect as comfort food takeout on a rainy winter night. Dishes are served family style and the prices are very reasonable with entrees ranging from $11-$18. On my most recent visit to Sala Thai I shared a relaxing meal of Drunken Noodles and Red Curry with a good friend.  As always the service was friendly, the food was delicious, and for one excellent meal, I was able to remember exactly why I love Thailand.

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