Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Urban Fare Grocery Store Review

Within eight blocks of my apartment there are over eight grocery stores. Some are small family-run shops that are wonderful in the summer and display their products on the sidewalk. Others are lower quality chains that have endless sales and promotions. And of course there are the “boutique” stores such as Whole Foods (Capers) and Urban Fare. It is extremely easy to just fall into a rut with one store and never actually see if it is the best option. I chose to visit four popular grocery stores near my home and compare prices and availability of four semi-gourmet items. First on the list is Urban Fare.

My first impression of Urban Fare upon moving to Vancouver was that it is the Whole Foods of Canada. The vegetable and fruit selection is very impressive as is the large cheese section and butcher’s counter. That said, they have a lot of work to do on bulk items and dried goods. I cannot complain too much about the small bulk selection though, because it is truly refreshing to find bulk items at all. Perhaps this area will become stronger in the future. Overall the store is well-laid out and I did not need any help to find the items on my list. The prices are more expensive than other stores in the area, but there is a lot to be said for one-stop shopping. Being the bread addict that I am, my favorite part of Urban Fare is the bakery. The pastries look amazing and the fresh baguettes are inexpensive and delicious. My favorite purchases here: fresh baguette and St. Andre triple-cream cheese!

Leg of Lamb $12.99/lb
Panko $3.59/227 g
Star Anise $11.49/17 g
Artichokes $3.59/ea.

Urban Fare-Alberni St.

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