Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Achin' For Bacon

I have previously mentioned that I find bacon to be one of the true joys of life. Breakfast, lunch, dinner? Anytime! Luckily there is a new food cart in the great city of Vancouver that is designed to serve bacon addicts like myself. While leaving the Farmer’s Market on Saturday I saw a pink-painted van that smelled enticingly like everyone’s favorite food. How could I possibly resist? I ordered a Pig LT and was given a pork themed pseudonym to listen for. While I waited for someone to call “Harry Trotter” I chatted with the woman next to me, aka “Ham Solo”, and watched as “Kevin Bacon” dug into his meal. 

At long last I was called up to fetch my flatbread wrap, which was full to bursting with arugula, bacon, and avocado. I honestly cannot think of a time when I have tasted a better bacon sandwich and at only $9 it was well worth the cost. Despite the knowledge that it may cause a heart attack, I look forward to trying every item on the menu. I wholeheartedly recommend that tourists and locals alike keep an eye out for a pink van that is jam packed with flavor.

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